Imagine - Create - Run - Repeat

Hello, I’m George Argyrakis (Γιώργος Αργυράκης), a digital marketing technologist and consultant with a passion about Marketing Technology and Product Management. My interests include New technologies, (Digital) User Experience, Artificial Intelligence tools, Data Visualization and Design Thinking.

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My experience in marketing isn’t just about knowledge acquisition, it’s about leveraging that knowledge to create positive change.  Over the last 5 years I’ve been privileged to deliver numerous workshops, seminars, and private sessions to more than 200 Greek NGOs. Equipping them with essential marketing tactics and online tools is a deeply rewarding way to amplify their societal impact.

In addition to my work, I enjoy reading mathematics literature and staying active in the mountains or in the running scene, a blog with native content about running, nature and healthy way of living.

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Also, don’t forget to check out my secondary site,, where I share native content and tips about running, fitness, wellness, and cooking.

My Interests: New technologies, Data Analysis and Data Visualization, Artificial Intelligence Tools, Design Thinking, UX, SEO best practices, Mathematics, Sports, Fitness, traveling and Cooking 😉